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  Ottoman's World Fest 2012  

X-mas and birthdays come and go, so here is:
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Still crazy-busy, and I've neglected this page again. I've been adding my suggestions for the second round of ADB's Starline 2500 minatures. I also completed the graphics for the product line and rebuilt the website for tenneshington
. Next up in music, I will be the dj and MC for Ottoman World Dance and Music Festival, on Sunday, August 12th. I'll also be working towards achieving my certification in my Arabic drum class, early in the Fall
I haven't forgotten this webpage, just been super-busy with other things (suggestions/comments on ADB's new line of Starline 2500 minatures , launching tenneshington , etc.). I did delete the link to my now defunct Livejournal account.
The album I helped produce and engineer the recording of is now available through Ottoman Trading Company.
Information HERE!.


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